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Outpatient Detoxification Maintenance

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Alcohol and drug addiction can be extremely challenging to overcome if a person doesn’t have the right support. Some patients often struggle to undergo the detox process on their own. However, you’re in good hands in our outpatient detoxification maintenance program at Comprehsenvie Psychiatric Centers in Miami.


Our outpatient drug rehab in Miami works by allowing patients to return home at night once they’ve undergone the detoxification process under our supervision. We value all of our patient’s comfort, ease, and satisfaction. Therefore, our outpatient detox in Miami is highly regarded for having a reliable team of staff members that prioritizes each patient’s confidentiality, safety, and comfort throughout the process.

What to Expect from Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in Miami

If you choose to receive outpatient detox in Miami with us at Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers, you’ll be required to come to our facility on a daily basis for your treatment sessions as prescribed by our doctors. We’ll schedule your treatments for outpatient drug rehab for the evening or daytime, depending on your ease and availability throughout the week and the specifics of our drug rehab program.


Our outpatient detox process begins with an initial assessment in which patients undergo a physical examination, lab tests, the intake of drug and alcohol abuse history, and the first step of the detoxification treatment. You’ll be expected to spend at least two hours at your facility on your first day of outpatient detox. However, the duration for the rest of the treatment sessions will subsequently be reduced to 30 minutes or less over the next few days of your outpatient drug rehab in Miami.


Contact Us for Outpatient Detox in Miami Today!

For more information about how safe and effective our outpatient drug rehab in Miami is, contact us at Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers today!

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Why Consider Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in Miami?

Our outpatient detox in Miami is an excellent choice for patients who struggle with mild-to-moderate drug or alcohol withdrawal and find it challenging to maintain the detoxification process. We help our patients save time and money while allowing them to cope effectively with withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, nausea, palpitations, loss of appetite, and more.

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