Substance Abuse Treatment


Outpatient and inpatient services

At Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers, we’re committed to assisting our patients with our multiple treatment options and methods as a part of our substance abuse program in Miami. Our staff offers outpatient and inpatient services that consist of a wide range of treatment plans and tailor-made therapy options that can help you stay educated while seeking our substance abuse treatment in Miami. You can always count on our clinical staff to provide a treatment that suits your needs the best.

A Holistic Substance Abuse Program in Miami to Support Your Recovery

One of the biggest goals behind our substance abuse programs in Miami is to help you transition from a repetitive cycle of substance use to the long-term road to recovery. Therefore, we take an incredibly holistic approach that encourages patient participation throughout the substance abuse treatment with us.


Apart from prescribing the right medication treatment like methadone or Buprenorphine for you, our program also involves support groups, individual counseling, and tailor-made assistance to help patients deal with the challenges of substance abuse.


Our consultation sessions with you will allow us to customize our substance abuse program according to your needs.

Contact Us at Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers to Learn More About Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Miami Today!

Ready to take the road to recovery from substance abuse? If you’re looking for a substance abuse program in Miami that’ll provide you with the assistance and care you need to overcome the problem for good, feel free to reach out to us at Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers to learn about our substance abuse treatments in Miami. 

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