3 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Opiate Addiction

The United States is struggling with the rising problem of opiate addiction among millions today. This doesn’t only include teenagers, underprivileged people, and unemployed individuals but also well-known stars and celebrities with opiate addiction that we see on our screens every day.

Opiate addiction can’t be hidden for long, especially if the world’s eyes are on you. This has led many celebrities to speak out about their history of addiction, how they dealt with it, and all the ways it altered their lives and career.

While many celebrities with opiate addiction continue to struggle with it, many others have managed to get back up stronger than before, thanks to the opiate addiction treatments they have received over time.

Here are three incredible celebrities who managed to recover from opiate addiction in the past.


If there’s one celebrity with opiate addiction who has always been vocal about his struggle with opiates, it’s Eminem. If you take a closer look at his album called Recovery, you’ll get a better insight into how the rapper developed a dependence on Benzodiazepine and opioids once he initially started abusing Vicodin.

Fortunately, he was able to get out of it once he chose an addiction treatment and outpatient detoxification maintenance program to recover for the love of his daughter and family.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is another celebrity with opiate addiction who spoke about his struggle after the release of A Star is Born. He highlighted how the role he played in his movie is identical to his struggles in real life and how abusing prescription drugs and alcohol affected his health and life.

He also acknowledges the fact that the long-term trauma of opiate addiction as a celebrity is what forced him to become healthy and sober for the rest of his life.


Another musician who shared his journey of recovery from opiate addiction is Macklemore. As a celebrity with opiate addiction, his dependence on Oxytocin affected his career, health, and relationships. His struggles in life were a significant wake-up call for him to course correct by getting opiate addiction treatment.

If you’re inspired by these celebrities with opiate addiction and their journey to sobriety, you can always get started by receiving the help you need with our addiction treatments at Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers. We can help you begin your recovery with our addiction therapy, methadone treatment, substance abuse treatment, and more. Contact us today!